"One of these little...Buggers latched onto my buddies' head." - Unnamed Security Guard

Headcrab Zombie
Zombie Scientist
Damage per hit
Weapons Claws

Zombies are enemies faced in Half-Life and its remake Black Mesa: Source, being regular humans with headcrabs latched onto their head that makes them into violent host's for their headcrab.

Always latching onto human victims, the headcrabs take control of the now zombified host before draining the life out of them, causing their body to decompose and reveal internal organs. However, the headcrab can still control the host regardless of their condition, and are one of the tougher enemies faced in the game.

They only attack by clawing at their foes, making them only close-quarters threats, but can punch props and other objects causing them to fly towards their targets and partially wound them.


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